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Featured Pet

Little Max was left in the drop pen along with his buddy, a cat.  We received a phone call the following day from the owner who explained he couldn't keep them any longer because he was moving to another city and into an apartment that didn't allow pets.  So, he left them with us.

It was obvious the minute we saw Max that he was a uniquely adorable dog.  His owner explained that he had been viciously attacked by another dog in 2016 that caused the loss of one of his eyes and broken jaw.  The attack altered his appearance but not his sweet and social disposition so we were on the look out for an adopter who would see his appearance as a badge of courage and resilience.  It didn't take long.

There were quite a few people interested in adopting this sweetheart but the family that came to meet him first was a perfect match.  They have several dogs, a cat and plenty of time and love to give sweet Max.  He has settled in beautifully in his new home and all of his new found siblings have accepted him into the pack without a problem.  Little Max is now safely in a home where he will get all the love he so deserves!