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Featured Pet

Several weeks ago Animal Control brought us a stray dog that they had trapped. She was scared but sweet and upon exam, we realised she was a nursing mama. We went to look for her puppies on and around the property where she had been trapped but were unsuccessful. 
We went back to the shelter to get mama in hopes she would take us to her puppies. It took her about 30 minutes walking all around the property before she trusted us enough to guide us to them. We found five, 3 week old puppies in their dirt and palmetto bush nest. Thankfully they were all alive and healthy and VERY hungry! Mama settled in to nurse them before we transported the family back to the shelter.  
We knew mom and the pups would be better off in a foster home so we reached out to one of our fosters.  He came to the shelter that afternoon and took the furry family to his home.  Mama and babies have thrived in his loving care and we are grateful for the care they have received.  They are all spoken for and will be going to their new homes very soon.
Below is a picture of them at 6 weeks old. Happy and Healthy!